Characteristics Analysis of Abraham Lincoln

Characteristics Analysis of Abraham Lincoln

Article by Alex Divo

Characteristics Analysis of Abraham Lincoln

“The sooner the national authority can be restored, the nearer the union will be ‘the union that it was’” (Lincoln). This quote shows how Lincoln commands as president. Lincoln was a president during the Civil War and he was against slavery. He set free the slaves in the Confederate states by the Emancipation Proclamation. He wanted to bring the south and the north together and keep the union together. The texts, “The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln ” by Russell freedman, “Letter to Horace Greeley” by Abraham Lincoln, and “Lincoln” by Gould Fletcher all describe who Lincoln was as president during the Civil War. Lincoln was an intelligent, tall, serious-looking man.Abraham Lincoln always wore his tall, black hat that made him look taller than he already was. His hat also made him look very serious looking. He was very tall and skinny. When people saw Abraham Lincoln their impression that he was a poor young fellow. “At first glance most people thought he was homely Lincoln thought so too referring once to his poor lean, lank face”. (Freedman) This quote shows Lincolns thoughts towards him self and others thoughts. Lincoln was also a very straight forward man he did not care what people said about him or thought about him. Moreover Lincoln was always very smart he did a lot in life and helped many people as in slaves. “Why this man, so angular and solemn a moment ago is really handsome” (freedman). This quote shows how Lincoln changed in each moment he was alive. Abraham Lincoln would always be changing moods sometimes he would be serious and moments later he could be funny.

As a result Lincoln could be a very mood changing person. He was also a very important person to our country he has been a president and helped the union come together. Lincoln freed many slaves in the confederate states witch became the Emancipation Proclamation. Many people could never usually really tell what kind of personality Lincoln had. Abraham Lincoln was also very tall and had serious looks was also known to always where his tall black hat.

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