James Manning

Affirmitive Action is racism

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24 Responses to James Manning

  1. erato99 says:

    James Manning speaks the absolute truth, but he will be cast aside as an “Uncle Tom” by people like Sharpton and Jesse J. Revs. Al and Jesse make a very comfortable living by keeping the races divided in this country; Why should they prosper while the rest of us suffer?

  2. yweston says:

    He’s and uneducated, egotistical, jealous ‘IDIOT”
    What planet r u on.

  3. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    500years?? actually we spent 440 of those years enslaved, denied education…This man has a Phd??

  4. jimz1234 says:

    In 2 yrs mexicraps will be writing your checks? Were all screwed.

  5. aro1323 says:

    He is right people are pathetic who can accept being known for not having the same limitations as white people thats accepting not being good enough and letting people tell you you are not good enough. This guy is the only preacher who tells the truth and I’m not biased I’m white and I put all my faith in James Manning.

  6. CharismaticRecluse says:

    Hmm, what about the affirmative action that whites had for all of those years BEFORE the civil rights movement. it is YOU who have a one track mind and are ignorant. kill yourself, please, rid the world of your filth.

  7. lfrey2001 says:

    Wow, I REALLY agree with this guy… What would Reverend Wright think???James Manning speaks the truth. Lots of races in America went through very hard times. One example: Chinese Americans encamped during ww2…

  8. tuningmachine says:

    Sold into slavery by your own people. Your ignorance is pathetic.

  9. tuningmachine says:

    Judging from the pathetically poor grammar in your post yweston, you are not the one to be commenting on education or IQ levels.

  10. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    The percentage of “my people” who sold us into slavery pales (pun intended) in comparison to the parasites who came there, captured us and subjected us to the most brutal treatment known to man…Human beings don’t act that way, only animals with no souls or conscious!

  11. tuningmachine says:

    Actually they do act that way and have done throughout history. Are you saying that the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians etc. were not people? Slavery is alive and well today in Africa, the Middle East as well as Asia. If you feel so strongly about it, you should actually do something about it rather than rambling on about it here in broken English.

  12. BlacksAreBeautiful says:

    do a little research on the slave making process before you say something silly next time…it was the most inhumane treatment of man by a so called man in history…Owning a slave is truly a sin, but making a proud, God fearing man, submit to the devil takes a unique type of inhumanity…only those who owned Black people possessed that type of beastiality!!

  13. aznkent29 says:

    white ppl never had affirmative action…..they were the ones who were always in power….y do u they need affirmative action for? thats for the black ppl……u have ur facts mixed up

  14. CharismaticRecluse says:

    You must not be smart enough to think on a higher plane, or to see past ostensible language to the deeper meaning. Why did you even reply? You’re dumb.

  15. aznkent29 says:

    ur the dumb person……everyone else on youtube has given u a thumbs down on ur comment……affirmative action was given to black ppl not white ppl…….

  16. CharismaticRecluse says:

    I don’t see any thumbs down… you fucking asswipe.

  17. aznkent29 says:

    ur a stupid idiot…..scroll down and check ur first comment on this video u moron…..u don’t know wut the hell ur talking about and u don’t even make any sense so shut up

  18. CharismaticRecluse says:

    YOU BELIEVE IN GOD. Enough said, you slavish tool.

  19. aznkent29 says:

    i know i believe in God……but u don’t know wut ur talking about cuz u said that white ppl accept affirmative action when its actually black ppl u moron

  20. budsky123 says:

    Thanks for thinking

  21. violin99 says:

    Affirmative action sucks!! Thanks Dr. Manning!!

  22. rednecktrucker60 says:

    Thank you James Manning!!!

  23. icarus2para says:

    Legend ! someone that isnt blinded by ignorance !

  24. icarus2para says:

    @CharismaticRecluse That is big of you, you tool

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